CO2 Oil Cartridges [BC Trees]


Organic CO2 Oil Vape Cartridge
Death Bubba
Golden Goat
Magic Jack
Pink Kush
Sour Diesel

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Pure, Organic CO2 Oil

Lab tested. No additives. No solvents. All BC Trees.

BC Trees organic refill cartridges contain 0.5 ml of 100% organic cannabis oil in raw uncut form – no third party terpenes, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, vitamin E, or other additives.

BC Trees farmers practice true organic growing methods so that you can enjoy the best of what B.C. has to offer with no compromise. Plants are harvested and cold cured, a process that involves hanging the plants in a cold environment to dry for up to three weeks. This method of drying ensures maximum terpene preservation giving the highest quality and flavour possible.

All BC Trees vape products are extracted through a solvent free CO2 process. This involves a proprietary 2 stage extraction to create the fullest terpene and flavour profile, leaving you with nothing but pure organic oil for cannabis vaping.

Pair these cartridges with the BC Trees variable-voltage battery (a staff favourite here at XpressGrass) for an unbeatable vape setup.

  • Internally heated ceramic element
  • Wickless and Coil-less design – your oil is heated directly from the ceramic element
  • Compatible with most 510 thread batteries


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