CO2 Disposable Vape Pen [HAAZE]

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500mg Full-Spectrum Organic CO2 Oil

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Haaze C02 Disposable Vape Pen

HAAZE rechargeable disposables contain 500mg of Lab Tested C02 Oil, Solvent-free essential cannabis oil. Using next-generation vaporizing technology it provides effective relief that tastes great and lasts for over 150 puffs. Charging cable not included.

HAAZE aims to introduce a higher level of standard in the vaping industry by combining the best hardware with the purest oil.

CO2 extraction preserves plant terpenes and cannabinoids which may otherwise be lost in solvent-based extraction processes, making it the highest quality oil on the market:

● VG/PG &amp; Vitamin E Acetate free – <em>A safer and healthier product</em>
● Full-Spectrum Organic CO2 Oil – <em>Receive all the therapeutic benefits of whole plant cannabis concentrates</em>
● Oil Profile: 70% Delta 9 THC, 10% Delta 8 THC, 1.2% CBD, Terpenes


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