CBD Drops for Cats [CBD Goodies]


30ml Bottle. 150mg CBD.

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Easy and effective CBD drops for cats. Drop into meals or onto tongue. No artificial additives or preservatives. Hemp-based CBD extract. No THC traces. Made with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, a healthy and effective CBD carrier.

30ml Bottle. 150mg CBD.

We are proud to offer natural, high quality CBD pet treats with simple ingredients. CBD Goodies are safe, non-psychoactive and a great way to treat your pets in need.

Relieve Pain & Anxiety, Anti-Inflammatory, Non-Psychoactive.

Dosage Guide

If it is your pet’s first time with CBD, please start low and slow. We recommend you start with a half dose, and note how your pet reacts after 2-3 hours. While CBD is considered to be calming and non-psychoactive, your catto may possibly get overwhelmed by drowsiness at higher doses.

Recommended daily dose is 0.5mg of CBD per 1kg of pet’s weight.

Ingredients: Salmon Oil, Rosemary Extract, Hemp Extract.


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