BC Rockstar


Rockstar x Bubba Kush

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Notes from Xpress Grass: This particular batch of BC Rockstar AAAA craft cannabis is hands-down the finest harvest of this strain that we have ever seen, rendering experienced smokers speechless. BC Rockstar is the result of breeding a potent local cut of Harmony’s Rockstar (Sensi Star x Rockbud) with the ever-dank Bubba Kush.

The chunky flowers are incredibly dense with a classic, deeply pungent kush aroma: skunk and fuel and earthy funk. Be careful not to roll this too tightly, it’s a sticky one! Joints burn slowly and evenly with a rich, intoxicating smoke that brings to mind exotic incenses and perfumes alongside that unmistakable fuel-y Bubba dankness. This is one of those ones that you can smell from a block away – it hits smoothly while still being strong enough to make your eyes water a bit.

Save this BC Rockstar for lazy afternoons in the shade or evenings on the couch.The effects are powerful and relaxing, causing the background noise to fade away while you become immersed in your favourite activity.


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