$149 Ounce Deal – Lindsay OG


1 gram for $9
14 grams for $79
28 grams for $149

Earn 158-298 Points! (That's $0.79-$1.49!)
Earn 158-298 Points! (That's $0.79-$1.49!)
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You read it correctly! $149 for 28 grams of cannabis!

[ $5.32 / gram ]

We take pride in quality control and have curated these awesome value picks just for you!

Notes from Xpress Grass: Lindsay OG is a homegrown hero created by Canadian breeders Liberty Farms. The multiple-award-winning indica hybrid was derived from a special cut of OG Kush, but the rest of its lineage is a secret. (Was it backcrossed? Was it bred with a mystery strain? Who knows!)

The flowers from this harvest are dense and resinous with an earthy, pine-and-gasoline profile; in a joint the burn is clean and the smoke is potently heavy – as are its effects.

Lindsay OG’s high has everything you love about OG Kush, but turned up a couple notches: euphoric and buzzy at first, it soon washes into a laidback melty stone that is sure to please any fan of deep indicas. Enjoy!

XpressGrass takes pride in quality control!

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