$149 Ounce Deal – Kushberry


14 grams for $80 | 28 grams for $149

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You read it correctly! $149 for 28 grams of cannabis!

[ $5.32 / gram ]

We take pride in quality control and have curated these awesome value picks just for you!

Notes from Xpress Grass: Kushberry is the mostly-indica offspring of two legendary strains, DJ Short’s Blueberry and the enigmatic OG Kush. This particular harvest of Kushberry takes after both of its parents equally: The dense, rounded flowers are deep green with hints of purple, and upon breaking them open you will be greeted by a rich, sweet blueberry aroma that also has a dank OG funk. The buds are well-cured and nicely trimmed.

This Kushberry burns cleanly with smoke that leans toward the musky incense of OG Kush. A mellow high slowly settles in, followed by a calming body buzz that leaves you focused yet relaxed. And hungry 😉


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